A Guide to Study in Germany Without IELTS – List of Universities and Scholarships

A Guide to Study in Germany Without IELTS – List of Universities and Scholarships

Germany is popularly known for its Excellent Academic Structure and inexpensive tuition fees. Many students are worried about whether it is feasible to study in Germany without possessing their IELTS exam results. The answer is “yes”. A lot of institutions permit international students to study in Germany without IELTS. As proficiency in the English Language is required for the admission process and visa application in Germany, students must present specific documents to allow the institution to ascertain that they are skilled in English. 

List of Top Universities Without IELTS In Germany 

The German universities where you can enrol without these certifications for your English language proficiency are provided below.

– University of Siegen

– University of Kiel

– Free University of Berlin

– University of Kaiserslautern

– University of Kassel

– University of Giessen

– Braunschweig University of Technology (TU Braunschweig)

– University of Koblenz and Landau

– University of Applied Sciences, Ingolstadt (Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt)

– TH Köln

– Flensburg University of Applied Sciences 

– Ruhr University Bochum

– University of Freiburg

– Anhalt University of Applied Sciences 

– University of Bonn

– University of Bayreuth

– Mittweida University 

– University of Passau

– Nordhausen University of Applied Sciences

– Hochschule Stralsund

– Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences

– Technische Hochschule Deggendorf

– University of Hildesheim

– Chemnitz University of Technology 

Ways to Study in Germany Without IELTS 

You must submit some documents if you choose which institution you intend to study. The documents below should be forwarded to Institutions if you want to study in Germany without the IELTS points. 

Medium of Instruction Certificate (MOI)

Students who are not ready to undergo IELTS exams must receive a Medium of Instruction certificate from the last academic institution and present it to German Universities to ascertain that they are proficient in English. It is also essential to obtain a German student visa. 

German University Verification Letter

Immediately after a German institution has approved you, a formal letter and confirmation of the Medium of Instruction should be acquired from the institution for verification. This verification letter can also be used to replace language skill exams. 

Take Up A Course In the German Language

By registering in a German language program, students can make an application for entry to a German university without meriting the IELTS test. However, they must submit credentials in German with a grade of C1 to B1 to register for this program. 

How to Obtain a Student Visa in Germany Without IELTS 

The IELTS exams are commonly essential to obtain a student visa in Germany. However, if you present the Medium of Instructions certificate to the German institutions and receive a verification letter, it is unnecessary. The procedures to obtain a student visa in Germany without the use of IELTS include: 

– locate the nearest German embassy or consulate 

– schedule a meeting

– ensure that you possess all the essential visa application and documents 

– get ready for your appointment with the passport. 

Scholarships Without IELTS in Germany 

There are different scholarships provided to students by different institutions in Germany. Most of them are mentioned below: 

Heinrich Boll Foundation Scholarships in Germany 

This foundation offers about 1200 scholarships annually to students who seek their academic in German institutions. These are offered to graduates, doctorates, and postgraduate students of all programs and nations who execute outstandingly in their education. The scholarship is obtainable for 24 months and is feasible to prolong the period. The scholarship protects: 

– Study expense allowance

– personal stipends

– Book fees

– Tuition payment

– Monthly stipends

DAAD Germany Scholarship Program

The DAAD scholarship by the administration of Germany is provided to eligible students to seek a full-time degree. The requirements for eligibility are that they should hold a bachelor’s program, which must be concluded in the past six years, and possess a minimum of 24 months of employment skills. The scholarship protects: 

– Travel stipend

– Free housing in the university 

– Health insurance

– Monthly allowance for all Postgraduate and doctorate students. 

Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Scholarship 

This scholarship is provided to international candidates with higher educational attainment who are studying or seeking a doctorate program in Germany. To qualify for this scholarship, students must possess outstanding German language proficiency, though they seek the program in English. About 40 persons can obtain this scholarship annually. The scholarship protects: 

– Health insurance 

– Monthly allowance

Deutschland Stipenduim National Scholarship Program

This is offered by institutions sponsored by public-private partnerships. They provide monetary assistance to ambitious and educationally excellent students and students of every ethnic group. Students should fulfil the qualification measures offered by the university to receive the scholarship. The scholarship protects: 

– monthly allowance

– Networking events

– Coaching programs

– Training. 

Erasmus Scholarship Program in Germany

International students ready to study a full-time program in Germany can contemplate this scholarship. Erasmus provides the chance to every person already studying in an institution in their home nation to study for one or two semesters at a German institution. The requirement is that the candidate should be studying in a higher institution, and the home institution and German institution should have signed the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education. The scholarship protects: 

– Travel expenses

– Living expenses

– Library source

– Registration in the German university 

– University evaluation payment

– and other study-related expenses in the hosting institution in Germany. 

Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Scholarship in Germany for Foreign Students

This program intends to enhance international students and doctoral applicants who concluded their undergraduate program in their home nations. The scholarship is offered to above-average students seeking postgraduate, doctorate, or research programs in Germany. The scholarship protects: 

– Monthly allowance

– payment of tuition fees

This article will assist you with information on how to study in Germany and obtain a student visa without IELTS. Details concerning scholarships provided by different universities for international students are also provided. 

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