How to Apply for an American Study Visa

How to Apply for an American Study Visa

As recognized, the United States of America remains one of the top-notch selections to study. Many foreign nationals who desire to study overseas usually look forward to learning in the United States of America. Hence, before studying in the United States of America as an international citizen, you must first obtain an American study Visa. 

The United States of America study visa is a primary provision to study in America. However, obtaining this study visa is usually a little difficult. However, there is nothing to be anxious about as we will direct you on getting the America Study Visa, explaining the provisions and another checklist. Before going directly to the subject matter, we will quickly point out the kind of United States of America student visa you have to know. This will help you understand the exact kind of United States of America student visa you are required to apply for. 

Kinds of America Study Visas

There are three primary kinds of the United States of America student visas, and this comprises of: 

  1. F1 Student VisaThis kind of visa is suggested for people who desire to achieve a bachelor’s or master’s program. On the contrary, colleges, institutions, and high school students, including graduates and undergraduates, can apply for this kind of United States of America study visa. 
  2. J-1 Exchange Visa: This is a non-immigrant visa provided by the US to research students, professors, and exchange guests partaking in courses that facilitate cultural exchange, mostly to acquire medical or business orientation within the United States. 
  3. M-1 Student Visa: This kind of United States student visa is for professional or non-educational students who desire to study in the United States of America for a very temporary duration for professional concentrated intentions. Going for medical orientation is an instance. Therefore, if you desire to study overseas for professional or non-educational purposes, we recommend you apply for the M1 study visa. It is similar to an F-1 study visa; however, the difference is clear. 

Having understood the different kinds of American study visas, we will move down to how to apply for a study visa. 

Application for United States of America Study Visa

Before making an application for the American Study Visa, there are some provisions you are required to prepare. Therefore, these are the primary checklists. 

  1. Your International passport is a necessary provision. Your passport has to be valid at least six months above the end date of your course. Therefore, if you have received a passport, check how long it remains authentic, together with the time extension of the course. If it’s lower, you are suggested to apply for a new passport. 
  2. A passport photograph is also needed. This would finally become your visa photograph to be presented at the time of application. 

Having obtained the provisions listed above, you may now: 

  1. Make an application for an SEVP-endorsed university. This implies that United States administration students and the Exchange Visitors Program already endorse the university you are applying to. This is executed as an accredited university to be identified by specialists, employers, government parastatals, and firms worldwide. You can move to the next step when you have merited this procedure. 
  2. After being accepted into your institution of preference, you will be required to obtain Form 1-20 or Form DS – 2019. These are varied forms for candidates under F-1 and M1 student visas kind. You have to get Form 1-20. People who drop under the J-1 exchange visa course should obtain Form DS-2019. On the form, you will discover every valid detail, which includes your SEVIS ID, address of the school, and other essential data connected to your course. 
  3. After obtaining your form, another step is to go online and pay the 1-901 SEVIS fee. Here, the fee amount is based on your desired student visa. The 1-901 SEVIS payment for F1 and M1 study visa applications is $200, and J-1 exchange students pay $180. After making the payment online, you must print out the verification page. 
  4. Done with this, you will be required to fill out Form DS-160, which is an online non-immigrant visa application. To complete the form, you will need the checklist below: 
  • Your International passport 
  • Curriculum vitae, if applicable, and other information. 
  • Passport photograph 
  • Form 1-20 or Form DS-2019. 
  1. When you finish the procedures above, print the verification page, contact your nearest United States embassy, and book your visa interview. 
  2. After completing the interview, you can pay for the visa application. Often, it costs $160. Know that in some nations, you are directed to make payment for a visa application before the interview for a visa; therefore, reach out to your embassy and get directions on what you should do. 
  3. At the time of the interview, you are needed to submit the original copy of Form 1-20 or Forms DS-2019, the verification printout page of Form DS-160, and verification page of the I-901 SEVIS payment, visa application payment receipt, International passport, and as well the passport photograph. 
  4. After the interview, you carry out your biometric confirmation and other linked security checks. 
  5. After observing all the processes listed above, you will be awarded the America Study Visa. 

During the interview procedures, the officials will ask you questions connected to your study overseas, the reasons you intend to study abroad, and more. Remember to tell them you do not want to stay in the States when you conclude your study. Hence, after your course and your wish to get employed in the United States of America, you will apply for the United States of America work visa. 

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