A Guide to Study MBA in Canada Without GMAT: 2024/2025

A Guide to Study MBA in Canada Without GMAT: 2024/2025

If you are a business professional aspiring to study an MBA abroad. Here’s a fantastic news for you! You can obtain an MBA in Canada without a GMAT. On the basis of your work experience and other qualifying conditions, you might choose to enroll in MBA courses in Canada without taking the GMAT. Learning in a business institution that does not need the GMAT has nothing to do with the quality of teaching. Let’s check on the cost of residing in Canada. 

Expense of Living in Canada

Before studying in Canada, you should consider the living expenses and aspects affecting it, including feeding, location, housing, lifestyle, and more. If you live in one of the cities in Canada, you will spend extra compared to when you reside in a rural province. The student should settle within their capacity to prevent undesirable debts or costs. Below is a summary of what the cost seems like: 

  • Books and supplies cost CAD 327
  • Housing costs CAD 270 to 810
  • Transportation costs CAD 100
  • Food costs CAD 250-300
  • Miscellaneous cost CAD 78 – 163

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Obtaining Entry into an MBA in Canada without a GMAT

Every university possesses the provisions they desire their candidate to have to be qualified for admission. Local and international students are both required to meet these standards: 

  1. Increased GPA Point in Bachelors: a good GPA can elevate the probability of obtaining entry compared to other students. The school admission officials may be determined to favour you mostly when you possess lower GMAT points or do not have GMAT points. 
  2. Employment Skills: If you possess employment skills of over three years, it will provide you additional accessibility to study for an MBA in Canada without the need for a GMAT. For example, if your undergraduate program was three years instead of a four-year program, you can get employment skills to obtain a vast understanding of your area. 
  3. Attractive Curriculum Vitae: An attractive CV can assist you in looking different from the others. Your CV is required to demonstrate your reimbursed apprenticeship during your undergraduate program. Again, if you possess any experience, this can be attached to your CV to steal the admission official’s focus. 
  4. Recommendation letter: You can obtain a good letter of recommendation from your former employers or educators. Using someone aware of your experience, resilience, and impediments is usually recommended to write down great things that will match your competency. 

Best Universities to Study MBA in Canada Without GMAT 

1. New York Institute of Technology

In this institution, the business experts and educational staff assist students to get ready for worldwide business professionals to learn via skills. It is one of the institutions to study MBA in Canada without the GMAT. They possess two MBA divisions: an MBA in finance and an MBA in management. These two MBA programs take about two years for you to conclude.

Their calendar for study can be adjusted for MBA students, and the tuition payment you will make is based on the number of credits you offer. Each credit’s lowest fee is $31,920, which can elevate to $59,325. International students must make an application for a student visa after they have obtained their entry letter. Again, you can also make an application for your documents, and the school does not care about GMAT, mainly when your GPA is above 3.0.

2. Whitman School of Business 

This is a Canadian business institution that is affiliated with top-ranking firms such as Discover, Hueber Breuer, and Tesia. Registering at this institution will give you the business experience to settle business-linked issues. They have finance, supply chain management, management, business analysis, and more courses. Students possess the freedom to choose elective courses. 

The program is a 24-month program, and at this time, you will offer 36 credits on core courses with an extra 18 elective credits. There are two kinds of MBAs in the institution: online or full-time. Again, they possess joint dual course programs, which include MBA/B.M, JD/LAW, and more. The complete tuition payment for international students is $55,900 for the whole educational year. Again, there are other costs you will make payment for, which include housing, transportation, course fees, health insurance, and more, and the average payment is $8,880 for 12 months. You can add your GMAT points with other documents, but this is not mandatory. If you possess a low GPA point, you can attach your GMAT point to it. International students must have some English skills in IELTS or TOEFL. 

3. Ivey Business School

The institution is looking for enterprising students from various regions of the world desiring to seek their business professions in one of the best MBA institutions in Canada. If you have an MBA program from this institution, you can be an aspect of their network of individuals in business in some top firms in Canada. MBA without using GMAT takes up to 12 months, and their educational session begins in March. 

The school provides academic classes in February for candidates desiring to prepare before they begin their MBA course. Hence, the institution possesses four distinct MBAs: accelerated MBA, executive MBA, full-time regular MBA, and direct MBA for HBAs. International students are required to pay $120,500 for an educational session. You will need GRE points and a minimum of 24 months of work skills to obtain admission for full-time education. 

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