Unskilled Jobs in Canada with Free VISA Sponsorship

Unskilled Jobs in Canada with Free VISA Sponsorship

Unskilled Jobs in Canada with Free VISA Sponsorship: Most times, Canada searches for employees to strike the labour insufficiency in the nation. Unskilled workers with inadequate academic qualifications and skills are also included since millions of employment opportunities are obtainable in the country. Surprisingly, most employers are ready to sponsor the visa of highly eligible applicants. 

This means you need to do little or nothing to relocate to Canada to operate in these employment roles. Nonetheless, obtaining this unskilled employment with free visa sponsorship can be challenging, mainly if you do not know how to process it. This article will reveal the unskilled jobs in Canada with visa sponsorship, including other information. The most preferred method to relocate to Canada as an unskilled worker from another country is via the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP). 

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Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP)

The TFWP allows international citizens to temporarily move to Canada to get employed in an unskilled role with visa sponsorship. Using this program, employers from Canada can smoothly hire international workers to take over the employment positions that Canadians can not fill. The IRCC processes the Temporary Foreign Worker Program in partnership with Employment and Social Development Canada. 

The program remains for a limited duration but can be prolonged. It must be known that any worker using this program can only get employed by the employer tagged on the work permit. This means you cannot change employers using this program once you land in Canada. 


Before an individual can be eligible for the Temporary Foreign Worker Program, the measures listed below must be fulfilled: 

* the employer must obtain a favourable Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) before the worker can apply for a work visa. 

* The Labor Market Impact Assessment is a document that all employers from Canada must obtain before they hire a foreigner. It is sensible that your employer makes an application from this document to indicate that no Canadian citizen is open to taking the employment position. 

  • The employer must be ready to handle every expenditure of the candidates. 
  • The candidate must obtain an accurate employment offer in Canada. 
  • The candidate must demonstrate that they will exit Canada after their work permit expires. 
  • The candidate must show sufficient funds to sponsor themselves and their dependents in Canada. 
  • The candidate must not have any illegal history. 
  • The candidate must be in good health 
  • An official acceptance letter from a Canadian enterprise must be ready. 
  • The candidate must demonstrate that they are not a threat to national security. 
  • Every relevant document must be obtainable to acquire a Canadian visa
  • The candidate must fulfil the age and language skills prerequisites. 

Note: If you intend to move to Canada to settle permanently as an unskilled worker, it is preferred you make an application for permanent residency using the following programs: 

  • The Agri-Food Pilot
  • The Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)
  • The Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot (RNIP)
  • The Atlantic Immigration Pilot (AIP)

Unskilled Jobs in Canada with Free Visa Sponsorship 

Listed below are the most paying unskilled jobs in Canada that provide free visa sponsorship 

  • Food and Beverage Server
  • Construction worker
  • Cashier
  • Factory worker
  • Welder
  • Meat cutter 
  • Housekeeper
  • Farmworkers
  • Drivers 
  • Chef and Cooks

1. Food and Beverage Server

Yearly average income: $29,734 to $42,851

This in-request unskilled employment role usually comes with a visa sponsorship. They take orders and administer food and drinks to their client. They also make sure that clients are pleased with their dining experience and settle any issues that may come up. They operate in restaurants, dining rooms, hotels, and more. 

2. Construction Worker

Yearly average income: $31,546 to $40,000

This unskilled employment role is in need in Canada, and you do not require a degree to get employed as a construction worker. Even though some firms may choose an individual with a degree certificate, others prefer someone with skills in the area. Hence, even if you do not possess the applicable skills, you can study the job or volunteer to assist on locations. 

You also have to help build houses, load and unload building materials from trailers, demolish constructions, and more. You have to be above 18 and naturally healthy and strong since you may be moving heavy construction tools and materials. 

3. Cashier 

Yearly average income: $28,880 to $40,000

Many enterprises and firms require a cashier as far as money is included. This implies you can never be out of employment opportunities as a cashier. Cashiers review records, total, and run all transactions. They ensure the fees and quantity of items are accurate, allocate receipts and invoices, and take care of packages. This position does not require a college degree to be employed; however, you must possess an understanding of mathematics to function effectively. 

4. Factory worker

Yearly average income: $40,106

Just as the name suggests, factory workers operate in factories. Their particular duties are based on the kind of factory they work in. For instance, an individual in a candy factory may not carry out the same responsibilities as a soap factory. However, factory workers are steadily required in Canada and are paid substantially. This profession can be challenging as it needs so much workforce and strength. Therefore, being naturally competent to function effectively as a factory worker is essential. 

5. Welder

Yearly average income: $37,000 to $76,000

Welding is an in-need profession that needs no credentials in Canada. Welders are employees that make use of metals and repair objects. They often operate in production, engineering, and automobile firms and make much money. They use gas and heat to mix metals and fix metal objects. They work with aluminium, steel, iron, and more materials. Even though it is not mandatory, being included in attending a welding institution or internship course would provide you with more knowledge about the profession and make your employer. 

6. Meat cutter

Yearly average income: $38,100 to $45,000.

If you find it cool to get your hands on meat to make cash, meat cutting is perfect. Meat cutters, mostly referred to as butchers, make ready all types of meat for sale. This unskilled is highly in need in Canada; however, it can be stressful. Meat cutters also prepare all the equipment required to cut big pieces of meat into tiny pieces. You can operate as a meat cutter in a shop or an industrial environment. Even though you do not require a proper education to get employed as one, you must possess the skills needed. 

7. Housekeeper

Yearly average income: $27,300 to $30,685

If you enjoy cleaning, then consider this employment role. You can operate as a housekeeper in people’s houses or firms. You can make so much money as a housekeeper. Being a housekeeper, you are required to clean exteriors, arrange beds, wash and do laundry, and keep the place arranged. Often, a college degree is not needed in this profession. Hence, some locations need you to be skilled in housekeeping. 

8. Farm Workers

Yearly average income: $27,300 to $39,111

Farmer workers are in high demand in the agricultural sector in Canada. They assist in the major and primary agriculture exercise, which includes harvesting, ploughing, planting, weeding, and more. If you have an interest in agriculture, you should contemplate this role. You do not require a proper education to get employed as a farm worker. Hence, it would assist if you are naturally competent since the profession is demanding. 

You have to be capable of operating for long hours based on the farming period. Again, because of the nature of the job, you may be required to work in rural and remote regions. 

9. Drivers

Yearly average income: $35,000 to $75,000

This profession can be a bus or truck driver. The perfect thing concerning this profession is that you do not require a college certificate to be employed in Canada. Their primary responsibilities are to deliver goods and drive vehicles. They can operate in production, sales, distribution, and transportation firms. You do not need to wait for any individual, as you can run your business as a driver. 

10. Chef and Cook

Yearly average income: $33,800 to $40,950

There exist millions of job openings for this unskilled job, and anybody can make an application. It is an in-need employment. Therefore, obtaining a job as a chef or cook in Canada is smooth. Even though you do not require a college certificate to get employed as a chef, possessing a culinary school certificate is beneficial. Notwithstanding this, cooking is an experience you can acquire independently. 

The primary employment functions of a cook are to make ready meals for people or firms, supervise kitchen exercises, oversee and direct kitchen workers, tidy the kitchen and work locations, develop menus, decide food quantity, layout buffets, and more. 

In conclusion, Canada is a beautiful nation to develop a successful profession since there are many employment opportunities. Nonetheless, it is not about getting employed in Canada but about earning sufficient funds to cover the cost of travelling overseas. 

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