List of Canadian Institutions without Application Fee 2024/2025

List of Canadian Institutions without Application Fee: 2024/2025

List of Canadian Institutions without Application Fee: 2024/2025: A lot of students go through difficulties in getting admission to study in their dream institution. They seek different mediums to finance their tuition payment and other miscellaneous expenses, including housing, food, and transportation. Without going much further, we will see Canadian institutions without application payment. 

Canadian Institution without Application Fees

When it has to do with a formed academic structure, Canada is a highly-grown nation and one of the biggest nations globally. There are various things to find pleasure in when studying in Canadian institutions, which include reduced criminal acts rate, inexpensive living, high-quality academics, and more. Many institutions do not inflict acceptance fees on students; below is the list of Canadian institutions without acceptance payments. 

Booth University College 

It is a well-identified university in Canada. Booth University College was previously called the Salvation Army Williams and Catherine Booth University College. The Liberal Arts University College is situated in Winnipeg, Canada. It was established around 1982 with approximately 282 students. The university possesses four departments, which include continuing studies, business, humanities and social studies, and social work. Candidates are not anticipated to make payment of application fees; however, students reimburse about 500 CAD to assert their admission opening. 


University of Alberta

This university is a public institution in Edmonton and was founded in 1908. It does not bill application fees, mostly from international students from less grown nations under the UN. It possesses five campuses and 18 faculties, approximately 8,000 international students, and a total of 40,000 students. Students accepted into the institution make a non-refundable $ 1,000 deposit for their tuition payment. It is mandatory to make payment of this fee before they begin their program enrollment. Furthermore, the university is identified worldwide for participating in and funding humorous projects, resulting in the university’s and its students’ development. 

University of British Columbia

This institution has been classified as the 45th leading institution worldwide and part of the Canadian institutions without an application fee. The university is a public institution situated in Vancouver, and it was founded in 1908. There are twelve faculties in many areas, such as dentistry, forestry, business, arts and architecture. Students from under-grown nations are making application to study at this institution in Canada. Local students seek admission to the chemistry department for post-graduate courses and post-doctoral studies in their chosen departments and faculties. 

The University of Victoria

This is part of the prestigious institutions in Canada without an application fee. The University of Victoriaprovides the best graduate and undergraduate programs in Canada. Again, there is access to installations and scholarship prospects for international and indigenous students. Furthermore, the school creates unique financing for research and projects. There is a belief that the institution does not bill student’s application fees. There are other liberties connected to studying in the institution, which include a conducive learning setting, formal teaching, and good infrastructure. Hence, undergraduate students are anticipated to pay $200 as a deposit for the acceptance fee. 

University of New Brunswick 

The institution does not collect application fees from students. The institution is located in Saint John and Fredericton. It was established in 1875 and possessed upheld quality teaching, a convenient learning setting, and well-eligible educators and teachers. The university has two primary campuses, Saint John and Fredericton, all in New Brunswick. 

Approximately 75 undergraduate programs and over 35 researched areas are available to students at the institution. The institution obtains dignity in the development and advancement of students. Furthermore, the student’s appeal is of paramount significance to the university, which has resulted in the constant progress of the institution in Canada. 

Tyndale University, Canada

The institution strives to groom morally respectable students, accurately oriented and of great worth to the church and the community. Tyndale University is one of the universities in Canada without application fees. The institution might not possess a massive infrastructure, but has existed for a century. It is situated in Ontario, Canada, and the university possesses about 1300 students and has undergraduate and graduate course programs. There are only three master’s and doctor’s program courses obtainable. The undergraduate domain possesses education, history, administration, English, religious studies, philosophy, and others. 

Royal Roads University 

This university possesses a free online application for foreign students to enrol online. The university is situated in Colwood, British Columbia, Canada. The university is a public institution that offers access to international and local students to make applications and possesses approximately 5,000 students annually. Royal Roads University offers graduate, undergraduate, and post-graduate programs and is devoted to ensuring students prosper in whatever domain they participate in. Again, there is a homely feely the institution offers to the students. You can live within the school or settle outside the school campus. 

Quest International University

The university offers free online application to foreign students before the application deadline. It is a private university in Squamish, British Columbia. The institution is a small one and was founded in 2007. Hence, there are approximately 700 students in the school, making it convenient for students who do not find pleasure in too much of a crowd. The institution pays more attention to Liberal Arts and Sciences and is devoted to bringing the best out of students. The tuition is cheap and has modern facilities, buildings, and equipment. The obtainable programs are unique, allowing students to partake effectively and produce good results. 

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